Super Clever Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Kitchen and Promote Efficiency

It is undisputed that an organized kitchen equals a happy kitchen. Consequently, a bright kitchen boils down to a happy and enjoyable cooking session. Not only will the kitchen have a happy cooking session with an energetic cook but also, many benefits that come with proper kitchen organization. Here are a few benefits:


The first benefit of having an organized kitchen is that an individual will be able to locate the cooking items immediately. A sliding ladder will quickly make the ceiling kitchen cabinets accessible. To this end, it is vital not to limit yourself to the kitchen counter spaces or cabinet below. With this ladder, an individual can access any cooking item from the top shelves. From the bread maker to the toaster, this ladder promotes efficiency.


A cluttered kitchen space promotes inefficiency because clutters interfere with the kitchen space. To enjoy the cooking session, it is vital for the kitchen to be decluttered and in this instance, woven cardboard boxes can be used to get rid of the clutter in the open shelves. Getting of clutter makes the preparation of meals easy as there is no need for clearing unused items all the time. With the woven cardboard boxes, maneuvering in the kitchen becomes easier.

Utilizing Unused Space

Kitchen organization allows an individual to use the initial unused space. The addition of cabinets above the available window space increases kitchen storage space. The cabinets can be used to hold containers, ingredients, and items that are hardly used in cooking. Ensure that proper lighting is achieved through the window space.

Free Counter Space

Another benefit of kitchen organization is additional counter space for cooking. Also known as the potting bench organization, the mugs can be placed on the copper pipe like shelf that runs through the counter space to the sink. From cups to cooking utensils, this holder leaves a free counter space that is dedicated to cooking only.


Open shelving units promote functionality in the kitchen. Apart from providing easy access to items, they also make a small kitchen look bigger by providing additional storage space for items. The versatility of these shelve units promotes various ideas for diversified kitchen looks. For people who love interior décor, this is an excellent idea of kitchen storage units. The looks may vary from different colors to designs and finishes in conjunction with colors.

Beautiful Décor

Enjoy the advantages of elegant décor with a wicker basket for storing cutting boards. With the different sizes of cutting boards ranging from small to large, it is essential to invest in a wicker basket that fits the size of the cutting board. Apart from the beauty of the basket, it provides ample counter space for cooking given that the cutting board will be away from the counter or the cabinets.

Additional Storage Space

An essential benefit of an organized kitchen pantry is the extra storage space. From easy access to healthy foods to the ability to hide trigger foods that are considered less healthy, a pantry is the kitchen’s best investment when it comes to saving space. A pantry also helps in saving food. For example, when two kilograms of rice is stored, and after use, the pantry remains with less than a quarter of the kilogram, it will be easy to restock the rice. This is usually not the case when the rice is in its manufacturing bag.


Author: Keneth Dewitt

Spoke at an international conference about deploying cod in Pensacola, FL. Once had a dream of testing the market for plush toys in Mexico. Spent the better part of the 90's exporting pond scum in Mexico.

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